The firm

The Firm advises Italian and foreign companies in the areas of civil and commercial law, company law, banking and finance law, bankruptcy law, antitrust law, administrative law and European law.

Business Lawyers for private and public capital

The Firm has acquired a client base consisting of listed companies, banks, insurance companies, financial intermediaries, asset management companies, investment companies, banking foundations, publicly owned companies and public bodies. It has gained primary experience with large companies in crisis. It also assists in litigation before national and international courts and arbitration authorities. Finally, it also provides consultancy and assistance in the regulated markets sector, particularly in relations with the Supervisory Authorities (AGCM, AGCOM, ARERA, ART, Consob and the Bank of Italy), in sanctioning proceedings and subsequent appeals.

Clients always first

The objective of all professionals is to meet the needs of clients at a high level of quality while providing an efficient service, always acting with the utmost transparency and mutual cooperation.